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PCI-DAS6025 board problem



I’m needing some advice or help with a PCI-DAS6025 board problem.
I installed a new PCI-DAS6025 (Serial 2061277, Part 194329A-01L) in a new Windows 10 PC that I was building for a production purpose. After installation everything was working great. Several days later I was in the process of making some application programming changes using Visual Studio .NET C# when the board would sometimes give me an exception when I called functions DaqBoard.DioConfig.GetDInMask and DaqBoard.DioConfig.GetDOutMask, after a day the board stopped responding and would fail all the time.

I uninstalled the board from Instacal and then tried to reinstall it, but it was no longer being detected. The board now shows up in device manager as a PCI-bridge with no driver. I manually installed the driver as DAC component and picked the “PCI-DAS6025” from the installation list. After doing this it is displayed as a DAS component, but it’s still not detected by Instacal and still doesn’t work in programming.

I also tried the board on a Windows 7 PC and it’s not detected on the Win 7 machine either.
Is there something I could have done in the programming code that would have wiped it out? I do have other system running basically the same code.

I have also downloaded and installed the latest MCC DAQ Software 6.74.

What can you suggest, or is the board toast?

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