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Zedboard Rev E board Hello world not working

Sridhar Balamurali



I'm running the basic hello world program with Revision E zedboard. I'm only using PS part using Zynq processor with vivado 2020.1 and using vitis 2020.1 for creating platform and application project. Somehow when I try to run the program and see the output in vitis serial terminal I see garbage output. I'm using diligent board files for zedboard from the git repository and I'm using "MT41K256M16 RE 125" as DDR configuration as I have FPGA Rev E board with FBGA code that supports this config.  Can some help me with this why I see garbage output

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Hi @Sridhar Balamurali

There's a known issue currently under investigation with the PS clock input frequency specified by Digilent's Zedboard board files that could be causing the issues that you are seeing. Check out this thread for more info: 

A fix hasn't been tested yet, but if my suspicions are correct, the only change you need to make to your block design would be to customize the PS to specify 33.33333 MHz instead of 50.0:




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