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Data Acquisition in DT9816-S using LabView

Subhadeep Basu


Hello All,

I am facing some problems while capturing real time data with DT 9816-S DAQ (Measurement Computing DAQ) using LabVIEW. I want triggered data collection (1 channel) with the mentioned DAQ (DT 9816-S) using LabVIEW. I have installed some additional libraries (LV Link 3.0) for this purpose. 

Using those VIs, I have constructed the block diagram. This is as follows:


Fig 1 : Block Diagram

But, while running It shows "invalid trigger".  I have used 'Digital Trigger' in this case. However, I have also changed the trigger to 'Analog' but the issue still persists. 



Any help regarding this will highly be appreciated.


Thanks and regards,

Subhadeep Basu

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Hello @Subhadeep Basu.

Data Translation's interface for LabVIEW is LV-Link. 


The target Windows system must have LabVIEW before installing LV-Link.  The files are copied to the target system's LabVIEW directory, i.e. 'C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2022\user.lib\LV-Link3\Examples'.



I modified the existing 'DtAinTrig.vi' example for a falling (negative) external digital TTL trigger.





As listed in the DT9816 user's manual, the DT9816 series supports a software trigger and a negative external TTL trigger, which should be connected to the 'Ext Trigger' pin on the module.


I have attached the .vi example.





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