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  1. @Fausto, I was trying to capture simultaneous data in 2 channels simultaneously. The block diagram is shown as follows: But, here I am facing some errors. it says "Drivers can't be initialized" (Screenshot is attached). Can you suggest how to overcome this problem. Thanks and regards, Subhadeep
  2. @FaustoIt was a follow-up question. It is resolved now. Thanks for the help. Regards, Subhadeep Basu
  3. @FaustoMany thanks for your help. I have a query. If I want automatic data acquisition (without using/clicking 'Stop' button) then what should I do ? Should I avoid the loop or should I remove the 'Stop' button (in Block Diagram fig). Thanks and regards, Subhadeep
  4. Hello All, I am facing some problems while capturing real time data with DT 9816-S DAQ (Measurement Computing DAQ) using LabVIEW. I want triggered data collection (1 channel) with the mentioned DAQ (DT 9816-S) using LabVIEW. I have installed some additional libraries (LV Link 3.0) for this purpose. Using those VIs, I have constructed the block diagram. This is as follows: Fig 1 : Block Diagram But, while running It shows "invalid trigger". I have used 'Digital Trigger' in this case. However, I have also changed the trigger to 'Analog' but the issue still persists. Any help regarding this will highly be appreciated. Thanks and regards, Subhadeep Basu
  5. @JeffreyMany thanks for your reply. Now, I can set acquisition duration to 1 sec/2 sec using QuickDAQ. Regarding Controlling DT 9816-S DAQ using LabVIEW, I am still not able to capture triggered acquisition using LabVIEW. There are various libraries Can you please guide me how to capture (which library to be used in specific) triggered analog data of fixed duration (let's say 1ms or 2ms). Thanks and regards, Subhadeep Basu
  6. @Jeffrey, Many thanks for your reply. But, I can't even enter 1 seconds. The minimum duration it is showing is 10 seconds. The 'Quick DAQ' supports continuous acquisition which means I can start recording and I need to stop the data acquisition manually. I don't want to capture data manually. I want automatic data capture for a specific duration (Let's say 1 seconds). This is I am not able to change it. How can I change it to 1 seconds? Can you help me regarding this. [Note: If this automatic data capture for a fixed duration can be done using some other software (Ex : LabVIEW) then also it's OK. Can you please suggest me how to do it.] Thanks, and regards, Subhadeep Basu
  7. Dear All, I am facing some issues regarding data acquisition using DT 9816- S DAQ. I want to take triggered data using this DAQ for milliseconds duration (for example 3/4 millisecond). There is a DAQ GUI called 'Quick DAQ' which comes with this DAQ. In this GUI the minimum acquisition duration for data collection is set to 10 seconds. I am unable to change this acquisition duration to 3/4 milliseconds duration. I am attaching a screenshot herewith. Can anyone please tell me how to acquire data in milliseconds duration (3/4 milliseconds) using this DAQ (DT 9816 S). Thanks, and regards, Subhadeep Basu
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