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Using a single DAQ device to collect data for two separate systems?



I apologize for my lack of technical expertise in asking this question, as I am very new to using this technology for research. I am wondering if I could use the "MCC USB-1208FS-Plus/LS/1408FS-Plus Series" DAQ device to collect data from two separate systems at the same time. Ideally, my project involves measuring dissolved oxygen concentration in two tanks simultaneously and recording the data onto two different computers (data from one tank goes on one computer, and data for the other tank goes on the other computer).

My understanding of this device is that it relays data from sensors and allows it to be used/recorded in computer software. The product description states that there are 8 inputs and 2 outputs, so does that mean if I had 8 sensors, identical data could be recorded on 2 separate devices? Is there any way to manage which device collects from individual inputs (for example, make sure output 1 is only transcribing data from input 1, and output 2 is only collecting from input 2)? Or will data from both systems be collected on both computers and I'll have to manually remove the unwanted inputs' data?

I again apologize for my poor understanding of this technology, but I'd like to make sure I have this correct and that I should order a second DAQ device for my project from the get-go if it's needed. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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If you want to collect data for crm enrichment from two separate tanks simultaneously and record the data on two different computers, you would generally need two separate DAQ devices, each connected to one computer. Each DAQ device would be responsible for collecting data from its set of sensors. You can't directly specify that output 1 should only collect data from input 1, and output 2 should only collect data from input 2 with this particular device. If synchronization between the two tanks' data is critical, you may want to consider synchronizing the clocks of the two computers, so that data recorded at the same time on both computers is actually synchronized.

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