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Eclypse Z7 ADC and DAC demo examples



We purchased Eclypse Z7 with ZMOD scope and ADC1411 boards recently, which is planned to be used to generate 2 analog signal and a few digital signals as stimulis to our test circuit.  The 2 ADC inputs will be used to monitor the test circuit outputs.    By checking the examples provided by Digilent, we have the following questions:

1.  The DAC board we purchased is labelled as Zmod DAC 1411.  Can we use Zmod AWG ip core and it's responding library for this board?

2. The ADC board we have is Zmod Scope.  Can we use Zmod ADC1410 ip core and  it's responding library for this board?

3. The latest Xilinx tool version is Vivado/Vitis2022.  Can I use this newer tool for examples for 2019.1 or 2019.2 version?  

4.  Is there any Zmod ADC and Zmod DAC example projects for Vitis 2022 version available?

5.  What is the design flow you recommended for a Zynq 7 beginner who knows some embedded and FPGA (withhout PS)?


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Hi @LHji

The DAC 1411 and AWG 1411 are functionally the same, and all IP and demos created for either can be used with either. The same is true for the ADC 1410 and Scope 1410-105. Both of these products were renamed after their initial launch.

There are no upgraded projects released for Vivado and Vitis 2022.1 or 2022.2. However, existing projects could theoretically be used in newer versions, by recreating the project files, including the XPR file, in the older version of the tools or by downloading an already-created XPR archive. However, differences in Xilinx IPs or drivers may require further changes to the project than just updating all IP to the newest versions and generating a bitstream.

This guide will walk you through the bare bones of getting a fresh Zynq project that uses software to control peripherals in the PL to blink some LEDs and read button states: https://digilent.com/reference/programmable-logic/guides/getting-started-with-ip. That said, instructions for integrating Zmod IP are not included in that particular guide. For starting with Zmods, I would recommend working from an existing example project, after getting the basics down.



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