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InstaCal scan options



Using USB2404 >> InstaCal >> Scan test >> Scan options >> Mode select continuous  , scan rate 2000Hz then Samples / ch 2048, select channels Ch1 thru Ch 2.

Then OK

Then Start

System runs continuously BUT only records 2048 samples, exactly the same amount as Single.

I want to record 120,000 samples to the txt file

I would expect continuous to do that?

Why not?

Can this be done, I just need it for prototype system





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The answer is in the TracerDAQ help.

in short, After you have collected data to a 8.sch file, from the Strip Chart menu, you select File >> Save as...

The Save As dialog appears.  You select a *.sch file and change the "Save as type" to either *.csv or *.txt, then click Save.

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