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Can I use the W2 jumper on my MCC-118 for powering a low-current sensor?

Doug Weathers


Hi all,

I don't really have room for another power supply in my project beyond the one powering the Raspberry Pi stack. 

It's a Raspberry Pi 4B with two MCC-118 HATs on it.

It seems to be working fine so far. Nice hardware!

Anyway, I thought I'd poke around and see if there is an easily-accessed place to get a voltage somewhere between 1.8 and 3.6 volts. It only needs 300 uA. (It's an ADXL377 accelerometer, for the curious.)

I found W2, right next to the address jumpers. It's got two pads. The square pad has ~3.2v, the round pad is ground.

I soldered a pair of wires into W2, and ran it to the sensor. It seems to work. Oddly, the voltage at W2 drops to 2.836 volts when the sensor is connected, but the sensor is happy with that. It seems to be working well enough for my purposes.

Am I making a terrible mistake? 

Can anyone tell me what W2 is for, or how it works?

I have done some web searches, and searched this forum, but couldn't turn up any info on W2 on the MCC-118.

Thanks for reading,

Doug W.

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