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Noise and Impedance of MC USB-3105 Analog Output

Jonathan MA Tech


What is the impedance on the MC USB-3105 Analog Output channels? I can't find it in any manual or data sheet.

We have a customer that used to use an A/D converter (that we don't know much of anything about) to receive analog voltage signals from our legacy equipment specified to have 100 ohms of impedance on analog output channels. When our customer recently switched to our newer equipment that uses the MC USB-3105 to output analog data for backwards compatibility they started seeing noise on their end.

How might impedance affect the noise on other generic A/D converters? What else should we consider?

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Hello @Jonathan MA Tech.

Please confirm whether or not your customer has a PCI-DAS6036 board.


The analog input channels on a PCI-DAS6036 board have a 100 GOhm input impedance, while the USB-3105 has a low analog output impedance, < 1 Ohm, as previous posted.

How much noise are you measuring on the analog input channels?

Can you detail your signal wiring connections?



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