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USB-1208HS-2AO Noise



I am using the referenced DAQ for the first time and noticed increased measurement uncertainty using the analog input. See the attached image. A precision DC source was used at the input of an AI channel. Two data sets were taken.  For each input voltage, I acquired 100 and 1000 readings and calculated the mean and standard deviation of the measurements.

  • The DAQ is configured for SE input (but the same is noted for Differential input)
  • The data plotted in the attached images is for input voltages ranging from 0V to ~9.7V
  • At periodic input voltages the measurement standard deviation is noticeably greater than nearby input voltages.
  • These spikes are very repeatable. I can dial the input voltage to see the increased Std-Dev at will. 

I am hoping someone can help me understand the cause of this. Do I have a defective DAQ?



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