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Uncommand USB-TC Data and Log Stop



Hi all,  I have a USB-TC that stopped recording data uncommanded.  The last entry recorded states that the log stopped and Data stopped.  I wanted to know what are the parameters that can cause the device to trigger these events. 

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Hello @ChrisS.

Which software application are you using? 

Are you able to reproduce your issue?

Are you using a new USB-TC or do not know the history of the module?

What is the serial number on the backside label or as shown in InstaCal?

What OS are you using?

Is the USB-TC plugged into the target system or are you using a USB hub?



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Hi @Fausto,


Thank you for your quick reply. To answer your questions:

-We are using TracerDAQ program

-We have not attempted to reproduce the issue, as a loss of signal would effect the quality verification of our product in our process ovens

-This is relativley new USB-TC, being the second use of the device.

-SN is HE2046229

-We are using Windows 10

-Our USB-TC is plugged directly into the Surface Pro Tablet that we are using to record data.

Also the uncommanded data stop occurred about 12 hours after the temperature tracking began



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Check the 'Power Management' setting for the USB port, in Windows Device Manager.  Under 'Human Interface Devices', double-click on 'USB Input Device'.  Click on the Details tab and verify the value for 'Bus reported device description' is USB-TC.  Next, click on the 'Power Management' tab.  Verify that the 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power' is not enabled.  Next, check the 'USB Root Hub' item(s) under 'Universal Serial Bus Controllers' as well.  You should also disable your system's sleep and hibernation modes.  Lastly, disable any virus/security scans and Windows updates.






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