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USB-1608G Analog Mode




I'm using a USB-1608G DAQ.  I'm monitoring a signal on one of the analog inputs.  I am unable to see the analog input in tracerdaq software unless I set the DAQ ADC mode to +/-1V.  On all the other options: +/-2V. +/-5V, +/- 10V I get a constant 5Volt signal and it's a rock solid 5V with no noise even if I zoom the timescale all the way in. 

I'm trying to capture and analyze the analog data using Labview and am using the ULx MCC for Labview VIs.  The VIs don't allow you to configure the analog mode and only get a 5V constant return when I sample or query the analog input.  What do you think is going on.  I wonder if something is damaged in the DAQ and different hardware is used when setting to +/-1V which is not damaged?




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Hello @MattA.

The USB-1608G has a '+5V power output' terminal, reference figures 4 & 5 in the user's guide.


Wire the +5V terminal to your analog input channel and start the acquisition.  Any difference?

Did you configure your signal input channel for single-ended or differential? 

What is the serial number on the backside label or via InstaCal?

What is the voltage level of your signal?

What is your signal source?

Did you wire your signal to analog input channel 0?

Please reply with screen captures from TracerDAQ.



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