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  1. Hi, I'm using a USB-1608G DAQ. I'm monitoring a signal on one of the analog inputs. I am unable to see the analog input in tracerdaq software unless I set the DAQ ADC mode to +/-1V. On all the other options: +/-2V. +/-5V, +/- 10V I get a constant 5Volt signal and it's a rock solid 5V with no noise even if I zoom the timescale all the way in. I'm trying to capture and analyze the analog data using Labview and am using the ULx MCC for Labview VIs. The VIs don't allow you to configure the analog mode and only get a 5V constant return when I sample or query the analog input. What do you think is going on. I wonder if something is damaged in the DAQ and different hardware is used when setting to +/-1V which is not damaged? thx Matt
  2. Hi, I am experiencing measurement noise from Type K TCs connected to a USB-TC measurement computing device. The oscillations are +/-0.05C sawtooth oscillations with 1 minute periods. I don't believe this represents real temperature oscillations, but is likely the result of some other effect. Does anybody have suggestions of how to go about troubleshooting this issue? thx Matt
  3. Hi, I'm using a USB-1608G and USB-TC to collect data with Labview. I've found that occasionally when I turn on the computer, I'm unable to connect to one of these devices. When I go into Instacal, it indicates one of the devices cannot be found. This device is remote to me so I've searched for ways to reestablish connection remotely, but so far the only thing that's worked is unplugging and replugging the device. Do you have any thoughts on why I may lose connection to these devices on bootup? Thanks Matt
  4. Hi, I'm trying to acquire N number of samples in Labview using a USB-1608G. I can indicate the number of samples I want, but I can't seem to find anywhere to change the rate of sample collection. I found a video on youtube that suggests adding a channel node and changing a property called TimingMode, but I don't have that property available in the selection menu. Please see picture. How do I change the sampling rate
  5. Thanks John, I'm now using Labview 2021 version 21.0. I've ensured that ULx for NI LabVIEW is installed using the mccdaq.exe installation file. I still don't see the Tool pallet you refer to in my user library. See picture. thx Matt
  6. Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to add VIs to utilize my USB-1608G in Labview 2022 Q3. I've read through the document 'LabVIEW_VI_UsersGuide.pdf, but the instructions are not correct. Specifically it has the following text: __________________________________________________________________ Add a DaqIO Pallet to an Existing Palette 1) Open a new blank LabView.vi 2) From the Tools menu item select: Advanced >> Edit palette views 3) In the “Edit Controls and Functions Palettes” dialog box select: “New Setup…” This is selected from the Palette view list box. 4) Enter a name for the New Palette View 5) Right mouse-click in an open space in the function palette; then select: insert >> submenu. 6) From the “Insert Submenu” dialog select: “Link to a directory” 7) Browse to and open the “C:\Program Files\DaqIO LabView Support” directory. 8) Click the “Select Curr Dir” button. The DaqIO submenu should appear in the function palette. 9) In the “Edit Controls and Functions Palettes” dialog box, click “Save Changes.” ___________________________________________________________________________ In step 3, I don't see an Edit Controls and Functions Palette dialog box. In Step 7, I don't have this directory. I did select to install the optional labview support items when I downloaded mccdaq. Also, in the Measurement Computing folder that was installed in the 'All Apps' on my windows Start Menu, I clicked on ULx For Labview Help. When I click on that option, I get a dialog box indicating that the link is not found. Thanks Matt
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