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Bias voltage and wrong scale on new USB-205

Zeeman Hu


The USB-205 newly bought there is bias voltage, 2.5V added to AOUT0 and AOUT1 and the scaled by a fact of 0.25 when using AnalogOut C# sample code.  The scale factor became 0.5 when run the analog test in which the input is 50Hz and +/-5V sine wave.  I am wondering if any configuration is incorrect or something is wrong in this unit? Any idea? Thanks, Zeeman   

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I believe you're referring to example ULAO01. In this case the Range parameter is most likely the issue. Find the code under the update button, specifically for the

FromEngUnits and AOut functions. Change it to MccDaq.Range.Uni5Volts in both functions. MccDaq.Range.Uni5Volts specifies the fixed 0-5 volt output range of the USB-205. 

Best regards,


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