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InstaCal for USB-2416 Requirement



We manufacture a training device for industry. Previously, we used the Personal DAQ 55/56 modules for signal processing from strain-gauged bolts, proximity sensors, and load cells. Since the discontinuance of the Personal DAQ series of modules, we were recommended to switch to the USB-2416 module as a replacement. We have worked the last half of this year trying to get this module to work reliably and are wondering whether the InstaCal program is an unnecessary complication that could be removed. Why did the Personal DAQ modules not require defining sensor electrical configuration but the 2416 does? Is InstCal necessary??



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Hi John,

Installing InstaCal installs the device drivers and because there's no other way to install the drivers, it is necessary to have on your system. However, if you're using the DAQami program, you need not use it to configure the USB-2416. This is because DAQami took advantage of a recent improvement to the driver that allows programs to find and setup devices. This feature did not make it into DASYLab and LabVIEW however, so for these you must use it to configure the device. 

The IOtech PersonalDaq/56 hardware and driver were a bit more advanced and this was reflected in the price. Last I checked, a PersonalDaq/56 was almost twice the price of a USB-2416 and it had fewer analog input channels.

As for your application of measuring strain, load cells and proximity, neither the PersonalDaq/56 nor the USB-2416 have advance features to support these other than a millivolt input range and 24-bit ADC.

Best regards,


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