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Unable to create WEB_TEMP device using DAQami or Python API



I just received a WEB-TEMP module. I am able to set a static IP address on a RJ45-USB converter to '' and the connect to the module through a we browser by navigating to (the default IP of the module). I'm also able to communicate with the module using InstaCal. However, when I try to 'create' the device in DAQami, or using the 'DaqDevDiscovery01/02' Python API mcculw examples, I get an 'error 1020: network device not found' error.

Since I'm able to connect via the web server, I assume I am able to communicate over TCP port 80 with no problem. As I understand, InstaCal communicates with the device via UDP port 54211, so I don't think I have a firewall issue there either.

Any help or suggestions to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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