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USB-1808X Encoder



HI I'M using USB-1808X MCC Multifunction card 
1.when trying to read Angular Encoder Value 
 Value is zero Always are value will keep on Increasing 

2.We read 2 analog values and 2 angular Encoder Value using composite tools, but the time taken to read is more than sec


Here attached program image and wiring image for understanding 



ele wiring.png

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I'm having a hard time making out the encoder signals and the USB-1808X inputs. For angular position, you need a quadrature encoder that has both a A & B phases. The two encoder channel numbers are 2 & 3. Counters 0 & 1 are for counting, frequency and pulse measurements. Instead of a composite scan, test the encoder with the ULx Meas Angular Position Int Clk.vi example. (\LabVIEW 20xx\Examples\ULx\Counter\Measure Position.llb) The example will default to Dev0/Ci0 for the device 0 / counter 0, change it to Dev0/Ci2 or Dev0/Ci3 to use channel 2 or 3. If you need more assistance, could you let me know the encoder resolution and how fast it's rotating?

Best regards,

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hi JRys ,

Thanks for Instruction's I will try to Check 
I'm Using program as shown in above Image 

Buster 8661-5005-V0400 Model 
Encoder Resolution are
 Two pulse channels – channel A and channel B – are always available
Encoder disk with 2000 increments: 0,045°
angular resolution with four-edge evaluation

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