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Problem establishing communication between 2 ADAM 4017, 1 ADAM 4520 converter and the DASYlab software



Hello everyone!

I am new in the this forum. I would really appreciate your help on this.

I  have 6 sensors with analog outputs which I wish to connect to my PC which has a RS232 port. I am using the DASYlab 11 software and I have 2 ADAM 4017 modules with analog inputs and 1 ADAM 4520 RS485 to RS232 converter.

My first question is about the wiring of the 2 ADAM 4017 with the ADAM 4520 through a RS485 network. Are termination resistors essential??

Secondly, I can not find any example program in DASYlab format with 2 ADAM modules. Do I have to insert 2 different ADAM modules 4017? Do I have to send specific commands to each?

Thank you in advance!!


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We dropped support for DASYLab 11 many years ago. Currently we offer technical support for DASYLab 2020 and DASYLab 2022 only. Also, we do not sell nor support the ADAM modules.

At one time, we did sell a similar product manufactured by ICP DAS. I don't know if ADAM and ICP DAS are the same. If they are then there is no DASYLab support. ICP DAS customers that used DASYLab were responsible for learning the ICP DAS command set and also how to read and write commands/data using  DASYLab's RS232 modules. My advice is to first become comfortable controlling the modules with an RS232 terminal emulation program before jumping into DASYLab and RS232.

Best regards,



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