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JTAG-HS2 issue with ARC over MIDE



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HI @Aviv,

I apologize for the long delay.

I am not familiar with M IDE, but I am not surprised that Adept is not recognizing the downstream device as it only has a limited built in device list.

The errors you are getting look similar to this thread here: https://forum.digilent.com/topic/21281-digilent-jtag-cable-no-connection-with-dpc-error/, though that thread ultimately recommended contacting Synopysis support (as recommended by the design engineer who created the JTAG HS modules and the Adept system).

One thing that I am not certain of is in your JTAG connectivity you have some additional pull-up resistors that I don't believe are needed for the IEEE 1149.7-2009 based on the JTAG HS2 Reference Manual here: https://digilent.com/reference/programmers/jtag-hs2/reference-manual#design_notes.


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