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InstaCal doesn't see the digital part of PCIe-DAS1602/16




We have a PCIe-DAS1602/16 to control our experiments.  We've needed to rebuild the setup after being idle for a couple of years through the pandemic, and in trying to get things working again, we're having problems with the TTL lines.  InstCal sees the analog portion of our card fine, but doesn't show the digital portion.  I've read through the User's Guide but didn't see anything that would help.  Any ideas?


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Hello @jpezaris

Unfortunately, InstaCal does not show or have tests for all features of MCC supported devices, and never has. 

I see the same as you with a PCIe-das1602/16 installed on my system. There is no digital diagnostic test.

You could use the Universal Library examples ulDI01, ulDI02, ULDO01 and ULDO02 to create your own test apps.

Or, if you just need to test the digital IO as inputs, you can use TracerDAQ.


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