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Reoccurring 'Resetting Device' prompt is breaking my automation flow

Justin Dubin



I am sporadically encountering the included pop-up message when initializing my USB-3114 device through Python UL framework. This is starting to get quite frustrating as it is breaking the automated flow I have developed for this application. Has anyone else encountered this?

The python method I am calling to initialize the USb-3114 device is config_first_detected_device()

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Hello @Justin Dubin.

Are you referencing the UL for Linux Python API?



Any issue testing the 'a_out.py' example?

Have you tested a different USB cable?

Are you using a USB hub (externally powered or not)?

Can you test the USB-3114 on a Windows system?

Please provide additional code and system/OS/software versions and settings.




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