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need help reading 1208FS in python



Hi, just a silly problem in Linux.
Lsusb lists my 1208FS as present, but after following instruction in GitHub/uldaq the command ./AIn returns "No DAQ device is detected". The same problem in python3 (PyCharm/conda and Thonny with virtual environments), get_daq_device_inventory returns an empty list. This problem seems to be a consequence of the first one.
In the same linux system, two VirtualBox machines running WindowsXP and Windows 10 can be connected (separately) to 1208FS via USB forwarding option in VirtualBox and are able to run all examples under Visual Basic 6 (XP) and Visual Studio (10) from "mmcdaq.exe" package.
Two Linux Mint systems were tested, Ubuntu-2018 based and an Ubuntu-2020 based.
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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We sell the original USB-1208FS and the redesigned USB-1208FS-PLUS. The original model is not supported, but the PLUS model is. If you have the original version, all is not lost. There is another Linux library that is called the Third Party Driver. This driver was created by a Warren Jasper, who is a professor at North Carolina State. I believe there is Python support too.  If you have questions or concerns you can reach out to Warren directly. His contact information is included in the download material.


Best regards,

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