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PMD-1208LS compatibility vs. USB-1208FS-Plus (11-bit SE AI mode)



Hello, before we order, we have a question about backwards compatibility. We are working on a project with current hardware which uses your older PMD-1208LS to monitor two potentiometers which simulate boat throttle controls. However, we need to also use the newer USB-1208FS-Plus to drive some LEDs.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the source code/software for the older (LS) units and were wondering if we were to create new software for the FS-Plus, would it run OK on the older units? We would prefer not to replace the LS units unless we absolutely had to. We understand that both units are 11-bit for SE analog input mode (which we plan on using) and would just like to confirm that the lower sampling rate (1.2kS/s) of the LS units isn’t a problem.

Our application basically consists of manually moving the boat throttle controls (at slow, human pace) so we would like to believe that the software we create for the newer FS-Plus will run the same on the old LS DAQs. This also assumes same software addressing for both units as well…

Please advise…

USB-1208LS vs. FS+.PNG

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