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Zedboard Rev E FSBL



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Hi @LarsEB,

Yes and no.

Back in 2020 (if my memory serves me correctly), there was a small production run for the Zedboard Rev E where a small number of Zedboards had a larger amount of memory installed on them than Rev D versions (or Rev F). While perfectly functional, this lead to a quite a bit of confusion with customers attempting to use preexisting materials that were set up to use the original memory type and therefore not compatible out-of-the-box with this other memory chip.

Because of this, Digilent ended up reworking all of the boards we had available (and that customers mentioned to us who were running into this memory issue), though evidently not every board was addressed. You can verify if you have this issue on your own Zedboards by looking at the FBGA code on the DDR memory (directly to the left side of the Zynq IC) on Micron's website here: https://www.micron.com/support/tools-and-utilities/fbga.

If you end up seeing that you have a part number of MT41x256M16, you have one of the affected boards. If the part number is instead MT41x128M16, then your boards are not affected by this issue and we will need to do some additional troubleshooting.

Let me know which part number you have for the DDR memory and then I can work further with you on resolving the issue.


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