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USB-2416-4AO undetected by InstaCal

Kaitlyn Lawrence


I have recently installed Windows 7 on a PC that was formerly running Windows 10 (the reasons for this shift are related to instruments other than my MCC DAQ). Prior to transitioning to Windows 7, the DAQ unit was seemlessly detected by InstaCal and had been streaming data to DAQami for well over a month, but now, after installing the entire suite of MCC software and updating the .NET framework, the device is no longer detected in InstaCal. Further, the device doesn't even register as a DAS component in the Windows Device Manager. Rather, it appears under Other devices, and when I search for a device driver in the Measurement Computing folder of my program files, nothing is found.

Please provide instructions for how to properly communicate with the DAQ unit via DAQami ASAP. 

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Hello @Kaitlyn Lawrence,

Sounds like you have a bad installation or are missing some of the Windows 7 updates.  After running Windows update for Windows 7 (there are a lot of updates), download and install this version of the mccdaq.exe


Note:  The USB-2416-4AO MUST show up in device manager as a DAS Component before you can access it in InstaCal or DAQami.

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