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JTAG debug/stand alone probe for Texas instruments processors.

john young


looking to see if you have a JTAG stand alone probe for TI processors, specifically their ARM based processors

(I'm using the TMS570LC4370)....I'm almost positive i used the JTAG H2 a few years back for interfacing to their TIVA series (ARM) processors...

appreciate any info/feedback.

thank you



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Hi @john young,

The JTAG HS2 might be able to do some debugging for that TI Processor, though I am uncertain about it as Digilent has not tested any of our JTAG modules with TI processors as far as I am aware.

The JTAG HS2 is compatible with IEEE 1497.7-2009 Class T0 - Class 4 whereas the TI processor lists IEEE 1149.1. Based on this page from IEEE, https://standards.ieee.org/ieee/1149.7/3936/, it appears that IEEE 1497.7 some roots in IEEE 1149.1 and provides backward compatibility, though I am not familiar enough with IEEE material to give any insight on the actual details of what is specifically being referred to by backward compatibility.

There are several things that I am not able to determine from the TI datasheet that I would recommend looking into:

- Physical/electrical compatibility. Table 4-22 lists 7 different pins that I can't find a clean matching configuration pattern of JTAG connections that TI lists here: https://software-dl.ti.com/ccs/esd/documents/xdsdebugprobes/emu_jtag_connectors.html. The JTAG HS2, nor other Digilent JTAG devices have a nTRST, TEST, or RTCK pin.
- If there is other evidence of Digilent JTAG devices being used since they are not listed in the 3rd party adapters section of the above page I linked nor this page here: https://software-dl.ti.com/ccs/esd/documents/xdsdebugprobes/emu_jtag_connectors.html.
- What kind of JTAG functions you need; Digilent JTAG modules do not cover IEEE 1497.7-2009 Class T5 which addresses "data transfers concurrent with scan, supports utilization of functions other than scan....".


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