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AXI-Lite interrupt was not detected on pentalinux



I got the problem with AXI-Lite interrupt on pentalinux. So i try to create a simple PS-PL system as shown in image below


The multiplier was created by AXI-Lite and asynchronous circuit, so the interrupt signal of multiplier was sent when it compute finish. This system work well on bare metal(No OS).

However, I need to create petalinux application to interface PL but Linux did not identify interrupt of multiplier as shown in image below.


so i already config linux kernel to enable "Userspace platform driver with generic irq and dynamic memory" and I edit some system-user.dtsi file as below.


The spi,i2c, uart, and AXI-lite work well on petalinux. I can send data to PL with AXI-lite with memory map (mmap) but i can not handle the interrupt signal of multiplier.

I do not know, what's the problem and nobody provides a tutorial of AXI-lite and interrupt handler on petalinux.


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