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Need help to guide how to output two Pulse signal with USB-234


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Hello team,

I have purchased a usb-234 and now I need to use this board to output two Pulse signal via the AO port.

you know ,one AO port will output one pulse. But I can not output the 2 Pulse at the same time via my LabVIEW VI.

I also attached my VI , can you give me an example VI which can output 2 Pulse at the same time or how will I revise my VI ?



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There is only one time base for the analog output subsystem and it has a maximum update rate of 5k S/s. To use both channels, make the buffer twice as big and interleave them - for example, ch0, ch1, ch0, ch1...etc. 

The analog output is good for continuous waveforms or static values, but not so go if you're trying to control something like a motor. The driver maintains  a sizeable buffer and any changes to the data will encounter a delay.

Best regards,




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I only see that there is a buffer set in the control of NI, but I don't see that in MCC UL-labview library. Which step does interleaving refer to?  It would be nice if you could just write a demo program to my project?

what‘s more,Can I use two DO channel to achieve this ?  I just want to ouput two pulse wave at the same time.

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hello John,

No, these two parameters is not important for this case, we need to control or change the signal time by time,

please look into the attachement, it is from DAQami, you see, we want to have such kind a VI panel to control the two AO in the board USB-234.

can you help to code such a VI or tell us how to ?

we still can not output square signal at the same time via the two AOs in USB-234.


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