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MCC 134 Board not responding error



Hello all,

When I run the below code, I get an error Board not responding. What is the fix i can use?

The board is MCC134 and brand new. Any help on this is appreciated

Also I couldn't read anything in the DAQ HAT manager app using Raspberry PI.


import sys
from daqhats import hat_list, HatIDs, mcc134

# get hat list of MCC daqhat boards
board_list = hat_list(filter_by_id = HatIDs.ANY)
if not board_list:
    print("No boards found")

# Read and display every channel
for entry in board_list:
    if entry.id == HatIDs.MCC_134:
        print("Board {}: MCC 134".format(entry.address))
        board = mcc134(entry.address)
        for channel in range(board.info().NUM_AI_CHANNELS):
            value = board.a_in_read(channel)
            print("Ch {0}: {1:.3f}".format(channel, value))


one thermocuple connected to channel 0 physically

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Close the DAQ HAT Manager program and open Preferences->Raspberry Pi Configuration. Select Interfaces and make sure both SPI and I2C are enabled. Close Raspberry Pi Configuration and open a terminal. Execute the following command: sudo daqhats_read_eeproms. Now return to the DAQ HAT Manager and test the MCC 134.

Best regards,

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Do you have the new Raspberry PI Zero 2 W?

The MCC 134 are identified using the I2C interface and if there are other boards connected to the GPIO header, they to may be interfering. It best to remove everything and try one board at address 0. Do the same for the other board. If neither work, try a different Raspberry PI. When the board setup is changed run sudo daqhats_read_eeproms to reset the configuration.


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