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Unintuitive Digilent!


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Tried to create an account and pass the "not a robot test" recently. I could not understand these puzzles with word manipulation instructions, "take fourth word in next sentence...." - not sure what they call a "word" - does it include articles, etc...? Anyway, 5 of available variants failed. Is the intent of it is to double frustration of the user? Shame on (long time ago) good company!!!!

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Hm, I got stuck with this issue too at first - later i managed that. As there are many login protections in the net which are really much worse than that , i am quite ok with that one in here.


However I am with you that it is really frustrating! What some "programmers" and "webdesigners" consider reasonable to install as a "protection" is nothing more that user distraction.

They mostly have not the brain to look forward to possible issues and traps because most of these guys have chaos in their brain.
I have to deal with their "output" every day!

When I get stuck to long I tend to sent a preprepared letter (as a paper!) to the company. I already complained at a CEO about a guy's nasty support and asked him if he himself is able to supply the data sheets of the products I was seeking for. Well, finally they reacted. :-)




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