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How to sync multiple WebDAQ 504?

Mohammad Royvaran



We have two WebDAQ 504 purchased from you. Is it possible that we can synchronize two WebDAQs together, so time in both data loggers are perfectly consistent (instead of 4 channels, we can have 8 channels)? If the answer is YES, probably we should connect both WebDAQs together either with cable or wirelessly. If this is the case, what is the best way to connect both WebDAQs together?

The other way to perfectly synchronize two data loggers is to start data acquisition at an exact time. To do so, the internal time in both WebDAQs should match perfectly. If this is a solution, how can we perfectly match the internal time on both WebDAQs?


PS: By using this option on WebDAQ "Synchronize with Internet Time Server" (Please also see the screenshot attached), the internal time is still different between the WebDAQ and my computer. Is it possible to match the time perfectly with my computer?






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Hello @Mohammad Royvaran

No it is not possible to sync 2 WebDAQ 504s.

I don't know to what server your computer is sync'd.

Webdaqs use NTP to synchronize their clocks and calculate clock drift.  They connect to pool.ntp.org, which are public NTP servers.  We cannot spec the timing accuracy or synchronization of multiple units because it depends on the latency of the internet connection, number of hops to the NTP server, etc.  This can vary for each of the units on the same network because things constantly change on the internet.



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