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Can I connect my DAQ to DASYLab



Hi, currently trying to connect my iOtech PersonalDaq3000 to DasyLab. Computer recognizes it under DaqX PnP Devices, however it wont show under DasyLab hardware or in InstaCal. Power LED is green, Active LED off. Have tried both with power supply and without.

- Using 28 day trial version of DasyLab, Hardware -> Add Hardware button not found (see here , step 8).

- dasylabdaqcom2setip.exe downloaded (driver)

- Installed newest version of NI-DAQmx to troubleshoot (not MC software), DAQ does not appear there either.


Wondering if it is even possible to connect my DAQ? Is the model too old?

Thanks, Jake

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Hello Jake,

Close DASYLab and uninstall the support you added with dasylabdaqcom2setup.exe.

Next, run the DASYLab Configuration utility and select the Packages tab. There should be a green Data Acquisition link with a plus sign. Open this to view the driver support. Find and enable the IOtech driver support.  When you press OK to close the Configurator, the IOtech installation will run. If necessary, follow the default prompts to finish.

We are almost finished. Find the DASYLab exe in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\DASYLab 2022\. Right-mouse click dasylab.exe and choose Properties. Select the Compatibility tab, find and select the check box that says something like Run this program as administrator. Close the Properties and Start DASYLab. Now, you should have a menu item under Measurement for Hardware Setup-->Driver.

Do please note, the IOtech support was never updated to for Windows 10 or 11 or DASYLab 2022. There is a bug that would crash DASYLab if you tried to select over sampling. I mention this because over sampling is necessary for thermocouple measurements. If thermocouple measures are your goal, I suggest not using the IOtech device and instead switch to the MCC USB-TC or US-2408.

Best regards,


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