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MCC DAQ Tech Support needed for the creation of a LabVIEW installer using LV-Link

Blaze Tech


I am creating new forum content to help those who want to be able to create a LabVIEW installer with the MCC DAQ LV-Link. Here is a reference link to a question to work through the issue here:

Even after this exchange, I was still having problems with creating an installer with LV-Link. MCC DAQ's help file is completely insufficient when discussing how to build an installer using LV-Link. In this message, I will illustrate the problems I had below and then will explain how I fixed it. I really need MCC DAQ to fix this problem.

Here are the errors I am getting when running an application (that requires LV-Link) that has been installed on a fresh computer referencing MCC DAQs help file:








To try to get this software to work without errors, I modified the LabVIEW installer by placing the LV-Link related files (DLL, Library, and associated files) in the same place that were installed on the development computer. I still recieved the above errors. I then placed the files in the “data” folder” that gets installed with LabVIEW. Same problem.


What worked is… installing the LV-Link software that MCC DAQ issues to LabVIEW developers. The problem is… when someone installs it without the LabVIEW development system installed, it issues an error saying you must have LabVIEW installed. But this is not entirely accurate. The LV-Link installer actually installs three major components before it issues the error.

To use MCC DAQ hardware that requires LV-Link, you must download the LV-LINK installer executable and run it. It will install some components before you get the error. Just cancel the error, restart your system, and it will work.  

It would be of great help is MCC DAQ tech team could fix this entire process. I have another client that will be using LV-Link.  

Thank you.


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Hello @Blaze Tech.

By following the instructions in the DT LV-Link3 Help for 'Building and Distributing an Executable', a user can create an executable VI to be used on a target system that does not have LabVIEW installed.  A user must have DT Open Layers software, DT LV-Link3, and LabVIEW installed on a development system in order to create the executable VI.  







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Sorry Fausto, but you did not answer the question. Please make sure to understand the question thoroughly before answering. The question was about creating an INSTALLER, not creating the executable.  

I created a work around (that unfortunately confuses my clients). I really need MCC DAQ to actually address the actual problem I am having.

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