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Webdaq SMTP email server error



Hello, I am having trouble setting up a Webdaq504 with an SMTP server.  I read one of the help threads that instructed to turn on gmail "less secure app" setting, but gmail recently disabled that setting.  I attached a couple of screenshots that shows the error I am receiving.  I am able to use that email from a browser without any issues.

smtp error.png

smtp error2.png

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The WebDAQ devices can be used only with mail services that allow signing in with a username and password. It does have the ability to negotiate security with the mail server. Perhaps you could find a third party mail service that still allows username/password login.

I tried both gmail and yahoo but could not get them to work with my WebDAQ. I suspect most mail servers have security that exceed our WebDAQ email abilities. I will file a defect report and hopefully when new firmware is posted, it will fix the email issue.

Best regards,


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