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MCC 134 Hat: Factory EEPROM default issues



To all who can help and those experiencing similar problems,

I currently have two MCC 134 hats connected on my raspberry pi, with one of them at address 0, and the other at address 1. When running daqhats_list_boards, the board at address 0 appears, but the one at address 1 does not. I can confirm that both boards work however, as I am able to get TC data off both hats. 

My goal is to update/write the eeprom of the board at address 1 so that I no longer get the warning "warning - address 1 using factory EEPROM default values". When looking at documentation, the recommendation seems to be to use the DAQ HAT Manager utility, however I do not have the Raspberry Pi OS desktop interface, and am interfacing with my raspberry pi through putty. 

Is there a way to write the EEPROM of the hat without using said DAQ HAT Manager utility? 

Thanks in advance, any and all help is welcome.

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