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Beta testers wanted for new MATLAB plugin for WaveForms supported hardware


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Hi everyone, 

The Digilent software team has been working on our own MATLAB plugin to support our hardware. This new plugin has improvements and updates to address the limitations found in the current MathWorks created plugin. 

We’re looking for users to beta test the plugin. If you are interested in joining this beta, please sign up here —> https://mautic.digilentinc.com/matlab-beta-a-landing-page

Please note: this beta is only open to windows users. 

New functionality included in this beta:

  • Continued support for Analog Discovery/Analog Discovery 2 devices and added support for Analog Discovery Pro 3000 series
  • Sample rates are no longer artificially limited
  • Background operations are no supported (non-blocking operations in MATLAB)
  • Static IO for digital ports is now supported
  • Support for WaveForms SDK 3.18

If you have questions about the beta, please contact Britt at britt.espinosa@digilent.com

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