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USB-1608 Analog Output Rate

Brian Duncan


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Hello Brian,

For both the USB-1608GX-2AO and the USB-2637, use the AOutScan function. It will stream the data buffer out using the "rate" variable  as the update rate. Create an array where every other value is 0 (-10v) and 65536 (+10v). Use the function WinArrayToBuf to transfer it into a driver buffer, which you pass into the AOutScan function. Set the scan options to CONTINUOUS + BACKGROUND. If all goes well it will write out the buffer over-n-over until you call StopBackground.  The output (+/-10v square wave) frequency will be one half the update rate. If this is not working for you, could you include a short snippet of code showing how the function is called and any errors that are encountered?

Best regard,



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