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Does DasyLab use the calibartion file created By InstaCal



I have the USB 1028FS, using 4 analog channels in Differential mode running as an input to DasyLab. I calibrated the inputs using InstaCal but channel  3 is still way off read about 10x higher than the other 3 channel, when the inputs are shorted (by Channel). The sample rate is 100hz.

Does Dose DasyLab use the calibration file create d by InstalCal?

and why would one channel be so far off?

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There is no calibration file for the USB-1208FS.  The calibration data is stored directly on the device itself.

For your channel 3 shorting test, you stated you shorted the inputs, but did you also connect the input pair to ground (ie CH3H to CH3L to AGND)?

Note: Be sure you have removed your sensor's signal wires from the USB-1208FS.



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