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Append a datafile of manually triggered readings instead of rewriting it?



I need to collect a series of voltage measurement from a USB-1808X. Each reading is triggered manually by a user at random times, however all data points should be saved in a single data file. Can DAQami save multiple data points into a single file? If not DAQami, what other s/w should I look at?   

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Hello @AndrewV

Unfortunately no.  DAQami will create a new file with each new trigger.

if you mean you want one sample at each trigger, such as a button press for example, then I recommend you connect your trigger source instead to the external clock in (AICKI). (1 trigger : 1 sample)

However if you mean you want to collect a number of samples for each trigger, then the digital trigger input is correct. (1 trigger : many (>1) samples)

DAQami does not include a feature for external clock.  so in either scenario you will need to use a different software.  Choices are:

DASYLab (Basic or higher)


Write your own app in a Universal Library supported language such as VB.NET, C#.NET, C/C++, or Python.


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