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Labview and InstaCal Showing Different Values

Mackenzie Cox


I have Labview set up to read thermocouple readings from my USB 2416. For some reason, all of the thermocouple channels are giving consistent and accurate measurements in instacal, but when I boot up labview (after closing out instacal), some of my thermocouples are giving extremely inconsistent readings. It is not my block diagram, as I have tried different thermocouples in the same channel I am trying to read and they work fine. I also know it is not my thermocouple because they are working fine when I read them in instacal. Any insight as to what is going on?

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Hello @Mackenzie Cox.

Please close LabVIEW and open InstaCal.  Reply with a screen capture of the USB-2416 channel configurations.  Do you have the data rate set to 60 Hz for each thermocouple channel?  


As stated on page 16 of the USB-2416 user's guide, "thermocouples can pick up noise in your environment, select a data rate based on the primary noise 
frequency. For example, to reduce the effect of 60 Hz noise, select a data rate of 60 (or a sub-multiple of 60, such as 10 or 20)".


Please test the VI examples attached to the following MCC Knowledgebase articles.






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I also have two pressure sensors connected that require a power supply. From troubleshooting, I realized that when the power supply is disconnected, labview is able to read the thermocouple sensors fine. The issue here is obviously I need the thermocouples and pressure sensors to be able to be read at the same time. Does this provide any insight?

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