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want to use TracerDaq with CB-7018p InstaCal not detecting



So ill preference this with I am very new to these programs and am trying to do the following.

So I'm trying to use TracerDaq with my CB-7018p. I can not get InstaCal to detect the board. I have been able to use the 7000 Utility to connect to it and verify it connect and talks with my computer. I am using a waveshare (usb to rs485) to connect to my computer. But i have not been able to move forward and get InstaCal or TracerDaq to work. basiclly i want to log tc using the cb7018p and graph them in real time.

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Hello @Nphelps,

Unfortunately, the CB-7018P (the entire CB-7000 series) is not supported by InstaCal, TracerDAQ nor the Universal Library.

this is the software for the CB-7000 series: https://mcc.download.ni.com/downloads/CB COM Utilities/CBComUtils.ZIP.  This is the 7000 utility.

As you have stated, you were successful in getting the CB-7018P to operate on your PC using that software.

MCC does not provide support for Waveshare.



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