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SSR-RACK24 Schematic

Jon Hall


I am a Manufacturing Electrical Engineer at Collins Aerospace.  I support a product that uses your SSR-RACK24 in the build of one of our test stations.  I have reason to believe that one or more of the relays is bad and need replacing.  However, I can not narrow down which one(s) it is.  The documentation for the SSR-RACK24 only shows pinouts.  I am hoping that you can supply me with a schematic of the board itself to assist in my troubleshooting efforts. 

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Hello @Jon Hall

I'm sorry but Measurement Computing has a firm policy of not releasing any schematics as these are deemed proprietary information.

The recommended method for diagnosing and locating faulty solid state relay(s) is to use a test program capable of exercising the digital IO device (such as the PCI-DIO24, PCIe-DIO24, etc.) controlling the SSR-RACK24.

If you are using a USB-DIO24/37 series, you can use DAQami to individually test each relay.

If you don't have one or can't create a diagnostic app, here is a free diagnostic tool you can use:    https://mcc.download.ni.com/downloads/example_programs/Diagnostics/DAQWare DIO.msi



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