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MCC 128 Communication Problems



On a previously working MCC 128, I've been unable to communicate with the device. When running the logger demo program, it gives a timeout error for opening the device. When using the daqhats_list_boards command it returns:

Address: 0
Type: MCC 128
Hardware version: 1
Name: MCC 128 Voltage HAT
Can't open device

(same with address 1)

When running a firmware update the following is printed:


Timeout waiting for NCHG
Checking device...

** 5 minutes pass ***

Warning - address 0 using factory EEPROM default values

(this prints infinitely)

Any fixes or should I just see about getting this exchanged under warranty?

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22 minutes ago, JRys said:


Access the Raspberry PI Preferences/Raspberry PI Configuration/Interfaces and make sure I2C and SPI are enabled. 



I've confirmed that both I2C and SPI are enabled. I've also tried everything out on a second pi to rule out pi related hardware issues. i2cdetect shows no addresses for the mcc

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12 minutes ago, JRys said:


Could you provide me the serial number from your 128 board?  If it's in warranty, I should be able to replace it.



The serial number should be



I've attached an image of the board in case that's the wrong number


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