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BoxLambda, a Arty/Nexys A7-based retro-style microcomputer


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Hi all,

All while ago, I started BoxLambda, a Blog and open-source project with the goal of creating a retro-style FPGA-based microcomputer. The microcomputer serves as a platform for software and RTL experimentation.



Does the world need another retro-style computer? Probably not, but I do. I’m a software engineer and I’ve been studying FPGA development for more than a year now, specifically for this project.

BoxLambda is a system-integration project. There's very little from-scratch RTL development. The project is mostly about studying relevant GitHub projects (CPU, graphics, sound cores etc.) and bringing them into the BoxLambda SoC.

Since the project is based on Digilent's Arty and Nexys A7, I thought some of the folks on this forum might find it interesting.

Recently, I've been working on setting up OpenOCD JTAG Debug access for BoxLambda:


Let me know what you think.



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I just published a follow-up to my Hello Debugger post about OpenOCD JTAG Debug bring-up for my Ibex RISCV-based project.


I included some notes about accessing the Arty A7 from Vivado running on WSL. If I recall correctly, there were some questions about that on this forum.




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