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MCC 128 question



Howdy all,


I am trying to get this MCC128 wired up. I am using SE connection. Is there a generic wiring diagram for what on the board I should connect to what? I just want to hook up one SE input that is common ground with minimal ground offset voltage. For example, should I hook up every DGND and AGND to power ground...?


Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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Hello @Snater

Given: (https://mccdaq.github.io/daqhats/overview.html#mcc-128)


For your analog signals, connect the positive to CH 0 In (for example) and you only need connect the other wire (the return) to AGND (analog ground).

Internally, these devices are designed such that all the analog grounds are ganged together, and all the digital grounds are ganged together, and and at some node, they are tied together. The premise is if you group the 2 different grounds and tie them together in a particular order on their way off the board (to the Raspberry Pi's ground), you keep a more quiet analog ground.

The only time you need to use the DGND is if you access the Clock and/or Trigger.



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