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USB-TC unit being detected by InstaCal 6.53 and 6.73 as USB-2020



We have a Windows 7 Pro Industrial PC (has Windows 7 version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601) where Instacal 6.53 (also happens with Instacal 6.73) detects it as a USB-2020. I already uninstalled both SW versions twice and the same incorrect model detection happens. Please let me know what you suggest I should do to solve this issue. Thanks in advance for your help!!

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Hello @EverardoCova

Let's first find out where the problem really is:

Just as a test, use another computer Windows 7 or newer OS, preferrably one that has never have InstaCal or a USB-TC installed.  Then, install InstaCal 6.73 (https://mcc.download.ni.com/downloads/InstaCal/icalsetup.exe). Plug in the USB-TC.  Does it show up in InstaCal as a USB-TC or USB-2020?

What is the serial number of the USB-TC?

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Thanks for your help Jeffrey.

When using a Windows 10 laptop using Instacal 6.72, it identifies it as a USB-TC. The detected S/N is 15D9D11.

On the problem system, I see the same problem whether using MCC 6.73 or 6.53. Using 6.53, by going to Device Manager -> DAS Component, it shows USB-2020 with a '?' sign on the icon. On the Properties -> Details tab the 'Driver Assembly Description' shows 'USB-2020'. If while on DAS Component->USB-2020 right click and 'Uninstall' the driver,  and checking 'Delete the driver software for this device', the 'DAS Component' category disappears so no more 'USB-2020' device is present.  Then if I reboot the PC, after reboot completes, a 'Device driver software was not successfully installed' message is shown even though the device is not plugged in. Also, Device Manager shows an 'Other devices' category where USB-2020 is shown. The icon for it shows an exclamation mark.

Please comment.

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OK, so now we know for sure it's a USB-TC.  that serial number though valid tells me it is an older device (not that that matters).

For the Win 7 system:

In the device manager, a USB-TC should never show up as a DAS component.  it should show up in your HID (Human Interface Device) list.

the "?" is correct in the Icon, MCC never picked an icon for DAS Components so it Windows uses the default icon.  Sadly, it includes a question mark which just confuses things for folks.

The exclamation mark in a yellow dot does mean there is a problem (but you already knew that).

The problem is your system has some level of corruption.  How it got there I don't know.  Recommendations are to run a virus scanner, revert to an earlier restore point, or run windows installer to repair the system.

In addition to the above, I recommend you uninstall all measurement computing software, delete any residual files and folders.  There is a hidden folder you will also need to purge.  Open your file explorer, and in the search bar, enter:

c:\programdata      and press 'Enter'


There will be a Measurement Computing folder, delete this as well.

This is more you can delete, but it involves running the registry editor and purging the Measurement Computing keys.  Doing this is not for the faint of heart.  It can leave you with a non-viable system, and directions for how to do that are beyond the scope of a forum post.  This is also something for your IT folks.

Unplug any MCC products from your system.

I would now download and install a fresh copy MCCDAQ.exe version 6.73 (https://mcc.download.ni.com/downloads/MCCDaqCD/mccdaq.exe).

Follow the on screen prompts and after the reboot, plug the USB-TC back in to one of the rear USB ports.  Let me know how it goes.




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Thanks for the very helpful feedback Jeffrey. It pointed me in the right direction to solve the issue. 

Since our IT network only supports Windows 10 PCs, a few days back I had taken the involved new Windows 7 Pro industrial PC  home to have all latest Windows 7 Pro updates installed. Then I brought it back to the office and did the MCC6.53 installation without an internet connection being available at install time (same when I installed 6.73) and also when the USB-TC module was plugged in. That is how we got into this issue of the USB-TC module being detected as a USB-2020 module.

After getting your feedback, I took the involved Windows 7 industrial PC back home together with the USB-TC module. I provided an internet connection this time. Uninstalled MCC 6.53 and also deleted the 'C:\ProgramData\Measurement Computing' folder with all its contents. prior to re-installing MCC6.53. When installation completed I rebooted it. Then connected the USB-TC module. This time Instacal also reported it as a USB-TC module.

So it looks like at install time it is critical to have an internet feed available so the proper driver gets installed by Windows 7 Pro. 

After solving this, I was able to but the ATS system back into production line use. So thank you very very much for pointing me in the right direction.

Thanks. Best regards,


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