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IOTech 3005USB Win10-64bit Driver and Example Code in C#

Coy C


I am working on bringing a legacy Win7-32bit system using an IOTech 3005USB board up to Win10-64bit. I am having problems interfacing with the IOTech 3005USB board and have some questions.

1) Is it possible to use the IOTech 3005USB board on a Win10-64 bit system using a 64bit application written in C#?

2) Do I need to use a different driver for 64 bit. I am currently using the drivers in the daqcom2setup.exe which has a version number of

3) Can you send me a compiled application I can use to prove the hardware is working on Win10 64bit?

At this point, this is what I have been able to do:

* I can compile the example project at C:\Program Files (x86)\DaqCOM\VC7\DaqBoard3KUSB\Daq3KUSBAnalogInput in 32bit. When I run it, it appears to see the 3005USB and collect numbers from it. Is there a way to use this program to prove that the numbers are actually coming from the hardware. At this point, they just appear to be random small values. I have a signal generator if that would help.

* If I try to recompile the above project in 64bit, it fails to run stating it "cannot register".

* I can compile and run my own, simple C++ project in 32bit and find the board. This does not work if I try to compile in 64bit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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