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DIO test failure on FirstPortA



We have been using USB-1408FS-Plus modules for a long time.  Today while installing one in a machine build we got a fail on FirstPortA during the Internal DIO test in Instacal.  Have not seen this before. Is this a hardware failure?  Can it be fixed/reset, or is the module dead?


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Hello @JG2222

I understand this is the internal DIO test, but this test must be done with nothing connected to the digital IO.

Please confirm this is how you performed the test, or if you did not, please repeat the test with all external connections removed.

if it still fails, the please provide the devices serial number.



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Hi @Jeffrey

We always follow the prompt on the test screen to perform it without connections to the terminals.  The serial number of the module is 1F6BFDE.

Thanks for your support on this.


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