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HEP/RMA Request




I have a USB-2416-4AO that we have used in the lab for years and was purchased as our second mcdaq system directly from you.  It is no longer operable.  After talking to sales they suggested replacement of the board at half price under the HEP program which would be the fastest way to proceed.  This unit is beyond the one year warranty.  

The numbers on the board labels are "CASE00371908" and "082906".  

Thanks in advance for your assistance with this.


NuWave Technologies, Inc.

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Hi Damian,

Could you upgrade InstaCal to version 6.73 and run it with your USB-2416-4AO - make sure the 5 volt supply is attached. You can use the following link to download the latest version: https://www.mccdaq.com/downloads/InstaCal/icalsetup.exe

The top LED should light up when the power supply is attached. The other LED should light when it is attached to the USB port. 

If you have Windows 7, you must run an old copy of InstaCal, unless you paid Microsoft for updates. In this case, use InstaCal 6.55. If you have a newer version uninstall it before installing 6.55. https://mcc.download.ni.com/Archive/InstaCal/Archive_6.55/icalsetup.exe

Let me know if InstaCal works...

Best regards,


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Hello John,


Thanks for the speedy reply.

I installed the new instacal. 

The 2416-4AO is still not detected, same as the old version of instacal. Both LEDs are on solid. Prior to it failing to the point of not being detected, the readings drifted regardless of input type.

I have a USB-TC that works fine from the same PC and cables.

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