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USB-3105 DAC: Getting Current Output Voltage with Python



I have a USB-3105 which I am using to control some equipment in the lab through the python mcculw library. I have been able to set the analog output of the DAC just fine, however, I would also like to query/poll the USB-3105 to see what voltage it is currently putting out on all (or some) channels. This would be important for me to determine what state the DAC outputs are in when I start my control program and prevent sudden jumps in the output voltage (which can damage our hardware). I seem to be missing the command to do this and haven’t found it in the documentation. Is this supported and if so could you point me in the right direction? Many thanks!

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I am sorry but the USB-310x series devices do not have an ADC chip to measure the channel output. Adding such a feature would have made it a much more expensive device. What seems to be an acceptable workaround is to maintain a variable in your program that has the last value written to the output. 

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